Victoria Blatterman Uses Her Skills to Help Injured Clients Recover

January 16, 2019
When someone has been seriously injured due to someone else's negligence, Victoria Blatterman believes they shouldn't have to pay to get well again, which is why she helps so many people in her community. Those looking for Victoria Blatterman these days will find her working at George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, a personal injury law firm in Charleston, South Carolina. She was born and raised in that community and she still lives and works there because, more than anything, she wants to give back to her community.

A great way to help the Charleston community is to work as a law clerk with a firm whose mission is to fight for those who have been seriously injured or disabled in any type of accident through no fault of their own. Victoria Blatterman feels accident victims deserve all the healthcare they need to get back to work and get back to life as it was before the accident. She helps make their lives easier while they await compensation for lost workdays and lost income. Accident victims need and deserve legal help, so Victoria Blatterman and the Sink firm deal with insurance companies, so their clients can rest.

Legal Clerk Victoria Blatterman Works In Service to Community

October 22, 2018

Prior to her current stint working as a law clerk at George Sink PA, Victoria Blatterman also did the same job at the Anastopoulo Law Firm, also in Charleston and she did so for the same reasons, and for the same motivation. She helps arrange the medical assistance those who have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence need, so they can recover physically and mentally from said accident. However, she also plays an important role in helping them recover financially from the insurance parties representing those parties found to be responsible for the accident.

Victoria Blatterman loves her job because she loves the community and feels committed to giving back as much as possible. She also loves helping, so she works hard with the attorneys at the Sink firm. Victoria is not all work and no play. In her free time, Victoria is an avid sailor and boat racer. She has been a member of the Transpacific Yacht Club for a long time and, for the last decade or thereabout, Victoria Blatterman has taught sailing and coached racing teams in the sport. In that work, she also has developed an excellent reputation.

Victoria Blatterman Works Hard to Help Injury Victims

July 19, 2018
Whenever someone is seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party or parties, they shouldn't have to pay to get well again. Victoria Blatterman entered the legal profession because she firmly believes they deserve to be compensated for every bit of healthcare they need to get back on their feet. It wasn’t their fault they were injured, so they should be compensated for lost income as the loss of their ability to make a living if that is the case.

Victoria Blatterman also believes everyone in that position should be compensated for any physical therapy and rehabilitation they need, as well as nursing care for the rest of their lives, when that is appropriate. That is why Victoria Blatterman can currently be found working as a law clerk with the Charleston. South Carolina law firm, George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers. That firm works hard to fight for those who have been seriously injured or disable. Over the last few decades, they have helped tens of thousands of injured parties in the Charleston area get the compensation they deserve.

Victoria Blatterman has was born and raised in Charleston, so she has dedicated all her life to her community and she likes to believe she is helping her people with what she does for a living. She graduated from Ashley Ridge High School in the city and she also attended college there and even spent three years as a special education teacher for the state of South Carolina. She has always been partial to helping those people who need her talents, which is why she started out as a law clerk at the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston.

Sailing As Stress Relief with Victoria Blatterman

April 25, 2018
The art of practicing law can be incredibly stressful. It’s important to find ways that you can destress in a productive yet enjoyable way. Victoria Blatterman is lucky in that she found a passion for sailing. In order to be successful in any field, one must find a hobby or activity to help achieve balance. Victoria Blatterman utilized her intelligence from her day job to master sailing. The skills to sail require balancing what the water controls against what you control much like practicing law. Victoria Blatterman also feels that sailing always provides new challenges which keeps her sharp as a law clerk. With continuous dedication and her genuine enjoyment of sailing, Victoria Blatterman has earned her standing as a professional level in the sport. She has taught sailing as well as coached sailing racers for over ten years.

Victoria Blatterman

She decided to further her dedication to the sport and became a member of the Transpacific Yacht Club. This allows her to participate even more in the art of sailing during the time when she is not working. It is very inspirational to find something you enjoy during your free time to make into a very productive and well worth it activity to enjoy and share with others. Being able to succeed at one aspect of your life can be beneficial to all other aspects of your life as well which is exactly what Victoria Blatterman has found to be true.